Evaluators’ training

Presentation and Activities

This package of activities aims at training the human resources by actions for the system, as well as by actions meant to improve the institutional capacity in order to achieve a new quality culture in the European higher education area. By the objectives and activities proposed within this direction, the project’s major purpose, invest in people, is materialised. Thus, by people – teaching staff, and for the people – teaching staff and students, quality culture in the Romanian higher education is built in the European area of knowledge, by means of the following activities:


a. Drawing up the course support in order to improve the evaluation of academic quality


b. Selection of evaluators, based on the universities’ recommendations, and their enrolment for the course. Internal evaluators from institutions submitted to external evaluation and external evaluators recruited from institutions that are not yet involved in external evaluation shall participate in different training courses.


c. Organising a number of 6 workshops carried out on a three-year period, being meant to train internal evaluators from the 45 universities taking part in the project. The selection of the 350 trained evaluators shall take into account the principle of equality of chances. Women shall be encouraged to participate in training sessions so as to be fostered to take a more important role in quality evaluation Commissions.


d. Organising training sessions addressed to external evaluators’ training. 4 training sessions will be annually organised in which will take part 25 participants/training. 300 external evaluators will be trained during the 3 years of project. The course will be completed by means of a certificate of academic quality evaluator


Under the direct guidance of the Activity Coordinator, 15 experts will draw up the course support and will present the training sessions.