Institutional self-evaluation and quality external evaluation at the level of university and study programmes (specialisations) for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Within this activity, institutional methodologies for quality assurance shall be drawn up and proper institutional human resources shall be developed. This activity shall be phased during the project’s development. Approximately 15 universities (46 universities on the whole) shall be annually evaluated, and within them, at least 20% of their study programmes (specialisations) shall be evaluated. Universities shall be grouped in territorial profiles taking into account the geography of the traditional development regions, namely Transylvania, Banat and Maramures; Moldavia and Bucovina; Muntenia, Oltenia and Dobrogea. The selection of the participant universities shall be carried out by the beneficiary in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, taking into consideration the interest expressed by the universities, the existence of the internal institutional and procedural framework of quality assurance, but giving priority to those coming from socially and economically disadvantaged areas.



a. Improving the Methodology and Guides associated with quality assurance at system level, in compliance with quality standards at European level. This sub-activity shall be managed by an Activity Coordinator and 15 short-term experts coming from the academic environment from various speciality areas, and shall draw up and improve 5 methodological guides on institutional evaluation.

b. Building a central database comprising the criteria, standards and performance indicators specified in the Methodology in order to provide empirical information concerning the quality condition on programmes and at institutional level. The database shall be connected to the information presented by universities in the self-evaluation reports, including those concerning the academic staff employed on study programmes and the corresponding teaching positions, as well as the outcomes of the scientific research activity. The database shall be publicly available and its main users shall be quality evaluators. This sub-activity shall be carried out by 6 short-term experts, specialised in IT and programming. They will be coordinated by the activity 1 coordinator’s assistant and will ensure the database’s design, methodology development, implementation and maintenance.

Aceasta subactivitate va fi realizata de catre 6 experti pe terme scurt, specializati in domeniul IT si programare. Acestia vor fi coordonati de catre asistentul coordonatorului activitatii 1. Acestia vor asigura proiectarea, realizarea metodologiei, implementarea si intretinerea bazei de date.

c. The external and internal evaluation of 46 universities (they will be selected according to the above-mentioned criteria, but ensuring at the same time representativeness at national level according to the geographical area, type of property public/private and type of studies general/technical).

This activity shall be managed by the Activity Coordinator and 21 short-term experts for each University.