Management team:

Prof. Ioan CURTU, Eng., Ph.D.- Project Manager
Assistant Prof. Mihai FLOROIU, Ph.D. - Assistant Manager
Aristotel UNGUREANU – Financial Supervisor
Ion TĂNASE – Deputy Financial Supervisor
Jurist Marilena LOLEA – Legal Adviser

Implementation team:

Prof. univ. dr. ing. Radu Mircea Damian – A1 Coordinator
Carmen MIRIAN - A1 Coordinator Assistant
Oana SARBU - A1 Coordinator Assistant
Prof. univ. dr. Lazar VLASCEANU – A2 Coordinator
Mihai PAUNESCU – A2 Coordinator Assistant
Prof. univ. dr. Adrian MIROIU – A3 Coordinator
Oana ION - A3 Coordinator Assistant
Prof. univ. dr. ing. Mircea IVANESCU – A3 and A5 Coordinator
Mariana Domnica STANCIU - A3 and A5 Coordinator Assistant


Short-term experts:


  • Evaluation and accreditation experts within higher education Quality Assurance Commissions, at national level.
  • Management staff in universities and faculties; members of councils/management structures of universities and faculties
  • Members of quality assurance commissions at university/faculty level
  • Staff involved in the development and management of qualifications at university level.
  • Staff of MECI and MMFES and of other public bodies with decision/policy attributions in the field of FPC, including quality assurance and NFQ