Project management

  • Financial reports.
  • Carrying out payment demands.
  • Public procurement procedures included in the project

Self-evaluation and external evaluation: Institutional self-evaluation and quality external evaluation at the level of university and study programmes (specialisations) for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

  • 46 institutional self-evaluation reports and 46 external evaluation reports of universities along 3 years of the project.
  • Public database comprising all evaluation reports of the evaluated Universities.
  • Methodology and Guides associated with quality assurance at system level, in compliance with quality standards at European level.

Quality assurance of the Romanian higher education in European context

  • Three annual surveys aiming at students and professors (1), business environment/employers (2), public opinion (3).
  • Three annual survey reports on quality condition.
  • Annual report as Quality Barometer based on the two annual reports.
  • Policy Paper in 2010 containing the policy proposals on quality improvement at system level and on types of institutions


  • 10 reports of the work groups.
  • Final Report in 2010 comprising recommendations and appendices with the analysed specialisation areas.
  • Special issue of the biannual magazine ”Quality Assurance Review”.

Training of internal and external evaluators of academic quality

  • Course support in order to improve academic quality evaluation.
  • 3 annual workshops carried out on a three-year period in order to train internal evaluators from the 45 universities taking part in the project (350 quality internal evaluators)
  • 4 annual training sessions where external evaluators shall be trained (300 quality external evaluators)

Promotion – Dissemination – Transfer

  • Three annual conferences organised in Romania with participants from institutions with a certain potential in the transfer of know-how in the field of education quality
  • Four site visits.
  • 6 issues of Quality Assurance Review